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Workers Injured in the 9/11 blast still suffer

The World Trade Center was the epitome of modern trade, and it took two airplanes to bring them down on that fateful day 9.11. It is a day that most people won’t forget, especially those who were there and lived to tell about it. Bodies were strewn everywhere. There were 15 to 16 people jumping from the towers, and maybe more.
There was gruesome scenes littering the streets directly below the towers. In fact, there were over 165.000 people that lost their Emergency Disaster Unemployment on June 16. An additional one million people had their benefits cut. Many people could not go back to work in the short amount of time that the government allotted them too. After all businesses had to find new locations. What was offered after benefits were cut off? Financial counseling, and low cost health insurance. The state of New York gave 25 million dollars to various companies, to keep them in New York City. Businesses were forced to permanently close their doors, and because of this many people lost all hope. The whole idea of Workers Compensation is to provide wages when an employee cannot.
What happens in these cases?
Well the doors were literally slammed in the faces of many who had to deal with the infrastructure of a government led emergency compensation system. The country was horrified, but unfortunately they chalked the event up to something in the past. Queens lawyers and attorney’s were able to work with many clients who were injured in the blast, and to help them get the security they needed to cover them in the event of another disaster. There was about $965,000 sent out in emergency unemployment benefits. Once this was gonethese people were forced to resort to extremes. These extremes were forcing them to go back to work with diseases like PTSD and more. Suffering doesn’t end with a few dollars thrown about here and there. People who survived Ground Zero believe that many have abandoned them. It’s not an easy thing to live through a disaster more detrimental than the Titanic, and it’s not an easy thing to try to go back to work. There were many triggers in a normal work environment that brought back memories of that fateful day to those who were there. Luckily, there is help available even for victims that are suffering from PTSD.

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