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Work Stress and How You Can Handle It

Ever since people started to organize and started working in businesses and industries, work stress has always been there. It was not until the recent decades that the importance of having a healthier work environment was deemed important to all of us. Before, as long as the job pays well and has great benefits then we are all set to work. However, today we are seeing a trend that employees would rather have an average salary with a healthy and productive work environment than with a high salary but toxic surroundings. Sadly, not all of us have the option to just walk away from our jobs. Many of us have families who are depending on the salary that you gain from working. However, this leads also to a lot of stress.

We are all not immune to stress. Even the jolliest and happiest people on earth experience stress in their life whether at home, in school, inside their heads or even in work. According to one theory, there are 2 types of stress: the good stress and the bad stress. The “good” stress actually enlivens the person and makes him or her tougher. This stress leads to productivity, development and growth of the individual. On the other hand, the “bad” stress is something that the person cannot handle anymore. It destroys the person’s well-being and inhibits their capability of doing well. Therefore, the goal is to increase the good type of stress and try to eliminate the bad ones, the ones that are out of our control.

Here are a few steps that can help you fight stress:

  1. Take that Vacation Leave or Sabbatical

We understand that you need to work to survive. It is the mantra of past generations and will always be true for who knows until when. However, we should understand that as humans, we need to rest. If you have not taken that vacation leave for some time now, this is the time for you to do so. There is a reason why most companies have them is for you to take them, not wait until the end of the year to convert them to cash. Although, that is a nice incentive but you are sacrificing the time that is allotted for you to unwind. Enjoy it while you still can or you will regret it for the rest of your life.

  1. Find a Hobby

It is not unusual for people to get bored of their job. Most of the time, this happens when the person has already mastered the job or has the highest position attainable in a company. There are also others who tired of the routine and wants something new. Why not pick up a hobby? Maybe you have been interested in knitting and see all those threads come into one solid pattern. Maybe you have a green thumb and can make plants flourish into a garden. You have been interested in cooking for so long that now you want to try it for yourself without burning down your house. Try to make anything that would interest you. Maybe it will enliven your bored soul.

  1. Cut-off the Toxic People

This one is especially underrated. We think that we need these people to advance our career, help us in our day to day activities and make us feel happy and contented. However, if these people also feed you with bad news, pressures you into situation ps you do not want and wants your whole world to revolve around them, then it can be a bad sign. Interacting with these people take up most of your energy that you are already becoming like them: mean, toxic and so unpleasant to be with. Choose the people you want to be with, those who celebrate your presence and makes your life a whole lot better.

  1. Exercise and Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Time and time again, this advice comes up every time that we ourselves to be better and there is a reason for that: it is true. Living a healthy lifestyle actually contributes to our overall well-being. Exercise is also proven to reduce stress as the physical activity transforms your stress into something useful like losing the calories. There is also evidence showing that active people are less prone to depression and anxiety. Find some time to break a sweat and see the wonders of it all.

  1. Turn to Your Loved Ones

Alas, many of us forget that there are people who love us unconditionally. These people who will always be there in our ups and downs, lefts and rights. They may be related to you by blood or otherwise, but it does not diminish the bond between you. Being in the presence of the people you love actually lessens the load of stress and helps you in being happier and better. Always cultivate these relationships as they last a lifetime and beyond.

  1. Love your Work

This might be difficult for some of us, because we believe that our jobs causes are suffering. In many cases, this can be true. Different kinds of jobs have different kinds of stress. However, if you are looking for the good stress stay in the job that you love or you may try to learn to love it. No job is perfect and each and everyone of us has a way of dealing with it. On the other hand, if you think that your job is already getting toxic then you might want to weigh your options.

Psychologically speaking, stress is the way of the mind to protect itself from harm like flight or fight response. It is a way for us to gauge which scenarios can we handle from those we cannot. Sadly, stress can also bleed out into your system and affect your overall wellbeing. If you think that your job actually affected your mental state, maybe you would want to consult an expert for your possible benefits. If you are living near New York, www.hurtatworknyc.com can help you learn about these benefits. Learn about them today!

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