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Work Professions That Come With The Most Risk

Graduating from a university and getting your diploma is only the first of the challenges you have to overcome in the course of your professional life. In fact, it’s what you’d call the “easy part.” What comes after university is a roller-coaster of events that will either make you, or break you – sometimes quite literally, if I may add.

Many professions come with alarming risks. When you choose a career, you are often putting more than just a part of your future on the line – you are risking all of it. Life as you know it will never be the same the moment you step out of your alma mater. It’s going to be tough, competitive, and sometimes, even unfortunate.

Why am I talking about exactly?

To give you a short brief of what we are going to talk about today, I would like to start with one simple question:

In your profession, what do you fear most?

You can deny all you want; pretend all you want that you’re not afraid of anything – not one bit. However, I know that upon reading that question, some thoughts have popped into your head. Thoughts that may very well haunt you in your sleep. No matter what your profession is, there are bound to be things that’ll give you a scare. Letting them out and talking about them will make you feel better, trust me.

Today, let’s talk about things that actually count. Let’s understand what it really means to work in any one of these professions and at the same time, uncover dangers our respective employees should watch out for when they are involved with a certain line of work:

Building & Heavy Equipment Industry

We may be standing in awe in front of revolutionary architectural creations today but we tend to forget that behind every successful structure lays the backbreaking work of the people who made everything possible: The Construction Workers. Working in the construction and heavy equipment industry is no laughing matter. You may picture them as “lazybums” who goof off and have way too many coffee breaks in a single day but in reality, they are involved in a line of work that far exceeds the dangers of any blue collar job.

You’ll often see construction sites labelled with a sign that reads “Hard Hat Area.” Indeed, hard hats are crucial in this industry. This only tells us that the kind of work construction workers do comes with a great deal of risk that coming to work underdressed and unprepared is never an option. If you’re working as a construction worker or a heavy equipment operator, then you definitely need to be insured with disability benefits. Even wearing a hard hat can’t prevent accidents from happening, after all.

Health & Medical Industry

You may think that doctors and nurses have it easy. Well, you’re wrong. In fact, medical professionals are exposed to serious health hazards each and every day. In their mission to help people achieve better help, they put their own safety on the line. When a doctor meets his patients, he becomes prey to (sometimes major) contagious diseases and viruses. The same fate is dealt with by nurses, health aids, and medical technicians. Medical professionals may be receiving a great deal of money but they’re also sacrificing something very important in exchange – their health.

If you are working in the medical industry, we salute your hard work. Also, we think that you are one who will benefit the most from disability insurances.

Transportation Industry

In this section, we are not only referring to licensed drivers on land but also those who sail the seas and soar the skies. Our hardworking bus and taxi drivers, train operators, airplane pilots, and marine professionals risk their safety everyday just to take us to where we want to go. It’s not easy to drive – be it a plane, ship, truck, or bus.

When you’re on the road (or sky, or sea), you may encounter situations beyond your control. No matter how much you prepare, accidents may still happen. It catches you off guard – no matter who you are or where you are. The best you can do is to make sure your family and future is safe. If you’re someone who makes a living off the transportation industry, be sure to get yourself insured with disability benefits.

Restaurant & Food Service Industry

Wait, food service? What do they have to be afraid of?

More than you know, employees working in the food service industry (e.g. waiters, chefs, baristas, etc.) expose themselves to danger everyday. In a busy workplace such as a restaurant or a bar, accidents happen all the time. A chef may accidently get scalded by boiling hot soup. Or, a waiter can accidentally trip down the stairs with a tray of glasses. These people are so busy serving and pleasing customers that they could care less about their own safety. There’s also the risk of catching fire and encountering violent customers.

Anything can happen at any hour of the day. Accidents may take place in the kitchen, the dining room – even in the bathroom! And while we can’t stop these accidents – let alone anticipate them – we can always get ourselves insured. So that when the worst happens, we won’t be leaving work with empty pockets while we recuperate. Disability benefits provide us financial security in times of great need. It’s something we all rightfully deserve. And although it does not fully compensate our lifetime of hard work, it can at least help us with common needs during hard times.

Are you insured?

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