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Why You Deserve To Have Social Security Benefits

A person’s average lifespan is somewhere around 80 years. During this time period, we play, grow, learn, laugh, love, hate, cry, and sometimes even get into some sort of trouble. We do a lot of things when we’re alive. But do you know what it is that we do most?


Let me lay down the facts for you by using the usual weekday work week as an example:

Say you work five times a week (Monday to Friday) for eight hours a day (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM). You start working at the age of 21. In a month’s time, you work for an average of 22.5 days. This means that you have the remaining 8.5 as your days for rest. Since we have 12 months in a year, this would also mean that you’re working for 270 days – let’s just set the holidays aside for now. If we get the difference between our 365-day calendar year and 270-day work year, we have 95 days left to enjoy for ourselves. This means that almost three-fourths of our youthful and productive lives are spent on backbreaking work. And if you stick with the same hours till the retirement age of 65, you would’ve spent 45 years or roughly 12,150 days working your life away.

Now let me ask you, what do you think do you deserve for giving most of your life servicing others? If you can’t answer that question in an instant, then let me be the one to answer it for you.


You deserve an ally like us.

If there are two things employees are lawfully entitled to, it would be fair pay and social security benefits. Employers are required by law to provide employees utmost financial security – especially when the type of work to be done involve some sort of physical hazard. We’re not implying that companies should start giving money to their workers for free to make them feel secured. We’re just saying that granting employees social security and employee compensation benefits is a must. After all, we can never know what will happen and when it’ll happen. All that we can do is to keep preparing. This would including preparing your employees’ future too.

To all employees out there, here’s why we believe you deserve Social Security Benefits more than anyone else:

Your Hard Work Should Be Paid Off

You are literally working yourself to the bone day and night just to afford life and pay your taxes right. And who’s winning at the end of each day? It’s either the government or your private employer. While you, the one who’s putting up the sweat and hard work, simply go to bed and recharge for yet another day of work that makes your bosses richer. The least they can do to give back to you is to ensure that your future is secure – no matter what tricks life plays at you. After all, we can never know what tomorrow brings us. But we can definitely prepare for the worst today. And one very efficient form of preparation is to get yourself (or make your boss get you) Social Security benefits.

Your Time Is Valuable

You could be doing other things right now. You could be running your own business, freelancing, taking a vacation, study acting, or whatever it is you feel like doing. And yet you’re still stuck with the same job, the same boss, with the same pay. Most of the time, it’s a conscious decision we make for ourselves – maybe out of necessity or pure loyalty. Either way, you’re still spending precious time doing it. And that’s more precious than anything else in the world – so precious that money cannot even afford to buy it.  Social Security Benefits in exchange for your time isn’t even a fair trade.

You Have The Right To A Secure Future

Well, not just you, everyone else does – each of us all have the right to live our lives knowing that our future is secure. We have the right to live free of anxiety, undue worry, and fear of what is yet to come. The greatest fear of a common worker, after all, is the inability to work. This is because working gives them a means to take care of themselves and their families. And they think that if they lose their ability to work, they will also lose their independence. And you and I both know that being the liability is never a nice future to look forward to. Social Security may not guarantee you a good life, but it guarantees to protect you from the worst ones. It gives you the confidence that even when life turns its back on you, there is still something to cushion your fall.

You Deserve To Feel Protected

Lastly, we believe you deserve to have Social Security benefits simply because you deserve it – that’s it. You deserve a life of security, a life of protection. You deserve to wake up each day feeling like you can do anything inside and outside of your workplace. There is only one too many things a blue-collar job can give you, the most important of them being SS benefits and the feeling of confidence it brings into your life. Work to the best of your abilities without being afraid of being injured, disabled, or incapacitated. When you do, I’m pretty sure your boss will be happy too!

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