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There is a Bill of Right for Workers

Injured workers have been suffering for the last several years from a massive decline in workers compensation benefits. Of course these have harmed many working people and therefore their families have borne the brunt of it as well. For many there has been improper medical care, attention, poverty, depression and a status that makes them less than in the eyes of many others. The truth is these victims of the failing system have not consulted with a Queens comp lawyer, and have blatantly fallen through the cracks because of it. As a worker, there are basic right s that many are entitled too. All injured workers have the right to choose their own physicians or at the very least be able to switch to a doctor that they choose after 30 days of treatment with a doctor chosen by an employer. Also injured workers have the right to have a hearing on any dispute. In addition, in an emergency or financial situation there is a right to a hearing. Injured workers also have the right to be listened to when the disability has caused them to loose earning abilities and consider any additional mental or physical impairments. Injured workers that are not able to go back to their trade or occupation also have the right to an independent vocational assessment and for the rehabilitation if appropriate with the goal of being a return to the highest earning capacity possible. Vocational rehabilitation benefits are also at the same rate as temporary disability benefits. Workers that are hurt and cannot return to work are entitled to a permanent total disability benefit for the length of time that the disability occurs. Also, workers have the right to a non-party medical exam that is paid by the insurer if there is a question on treatment by a provider that may be affiliated with the insurer. Injured workers in addition, have the right to have benefits based on take home pay, and overall wage benefits. Queens workers compensation lawyers are ready to help anyone understand the additional benefits that are available. In fact, there are a whole slew more that will aid the worker in getting back into the workforce, gaining lost wages and being treated like a decent citizen. It’s understandable that many workers have not heard these basic laws.

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