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The Who What and Where about Workers Compensation

If you are hurt at work you should always let your supervisor know right away and at the same time request that you get to a doctor. It has to happen as soon as possible. Working for a larger company requires most employees that get injured on the job to go to their human resources department. They will have their own action plan for employees that get hurt on the job. The employer may also send you to a medical care physician that works with their workers compensation claims. Luckily, Queens comp lawyers work with all claims and help to makes sure that employees with a claim get the fair treatment they deserve. For many they believe that their injuries are not serious. However, regardless it is important to follow the steps to the exact plan. Make sure that you keep in mind that some ling term health issues do not develop immediately and it’s important to make sure that as a diligent employee you are; protecting yourself.
Most workers compensation plans have a vocational rehabilitation, and it has the sole purpose to help you get back to work. The requirements on this are usually created by the states workers compensation statues and are dictated as such. When you have a claim and get treatment but do not loose time from your job then your claim will close from the last time you went for medical treatment a year after. Therefore if you had suffered anything that kept you off of work and were collecting benefits you can see your claim close in two years from the last time that you received any monies from it. If you receive medical treatment for the injury or likeness or need replacement for lost wages, you can count on this coming from your workers compensation claims. Some employers give supplemental insurance coverage which an employee on workers compensation can buy for a reduced rate. Remember it is against the law for an employer to fire a claimant. Generally in some cases they do have their own doctors, but you have the right to go to your own doctor as well. In reality you will be with your employers workers compensation claims and insurance carrier and it all depends on the severity of your injuries.
Questions and answers are best addressed to your Queens comp lawyer because they are the ones who work with workers compensation claims daily.

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