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No, Workers Compensation Is Not a Retirement Fund

Workers compensation is sometimes referred to as the poor man’s retirement fund, by certain politicians. Some believe that WORKERS COMPENSATION PERMANENT DISABILITY AWARD recipients take advantage of a claim and dip in as many pots as they can, included in this is social security disability as well. It is alarmingly ignorant to think that. Workers compensation is not now or has it ever been created as a retirement possibility. It was created simply as an insurance policy to pay out when there is a legitimate claim made. To discern this, a retirement fund was created when a person works until they get to an age that they can retire and then choose to do so. Injured workers do not have that option, they no longer have the ability to improve their financial status or work a second job if they need or choose to do so. It is a fact that 80 % of them go through the system without a question. Those are the minor ones. In New York Workers Compensation, there is a less than 10% WORKERS COMPENSATION PERMANENT DISABILITY AWARD ratio and in other states an even lower rate. In fact, most of these cases are injuries that occurred prior to April 1, 2007, as at that time the New York Workers Compensation Law was changed. For a more thorough explanation of this, consult a Queens Workers Compensation attorney . These projections are not real numbers as more than half of all compensation cases have a prognosis that would allow for a person to go back to work. Only the certain few who are on WORKERS COMPENSATION payments get permanent funds. Workers compensation was set up for what it is being used for largely. It is created to pay an injured workers medical indemnity for temporary injuries. Insurers pay out much less than they would if a person were injured in another capacity other than as an employee and the most hilarious part is that most people do not sue as customers when they get hurt. Under the New York Workers compensation law, you cannot sue your boss, only collect workers compensation benefits. When injured workers are classified as a WORKERS COMPENSATION PERMANENT DISABILITY AWARD they cannot work. It’s not a choice most people would make. They can’t contribute to anything including a social security fund. They and their family who were injured through their employer lose their medical benefits and have to pay premiums if they can afford it. Premiums come from the injured workers’ salary and are figured into the average weekly wage in most cases, and those do not include the amount of the discount an employer gets based on the number of employees. A policy outside of work is not the norm, and most injured workers that are WORKERS COMPENSATION PERMANENT DISABILITY AWARD cannot even get themselves insured in some cases unless they are under one of the state or federal programs. Also most insurers will not cover them because they are WORKERS COMPENSATION PERMANENT DISABILITY AWARD. There are a lot of misnomers hanging around out there. But one thing is for certain is that a Queens workers compensation attorney can help their clients understand issues pertaining to permanent workers compensation benefits.

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