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Workers Compensation claimants may file personal injury lawsuits if third party is negligent

Did you know that workers compensation injury will work with a claim and a personal injury action? The workers compensationinsurer will place a lien on a file, and it means basically that they have registered a claim to be reimbursed out of the proceeds of the personal injury litigation for expenditures that they made on behalf of the worker. This process, is called subrogation. Workers compensation laws are different from state to state, so if you have questions check with a local Queens comp lawyers to figure this out. Workerscompensationcarriers know that there are times that a lien will be huge and create a disincentive to litigate. That doesn’t mean that if there is a lien that will exceed the total amount a plaintiffis likely to receive as the result of a lawsuit, the plaintiff can choose not to litigate. The workers compensation carriersare generally expected to pay for its share of the litigation in return for receive a share of the recovery. As a result the carrier will work with the plaintiff’s Queens Workers compensation attorney in the amount of the lien. More often than not they will agree to resolve the lien for an amountthat is less, and substantially so in the favor of the claim’s value. Whenever a workers compensation issuer attempts to place a lien on a personal injury the Queens workers compensation attorney attempts to negotiate a somewhat lower figure. In some states liens are not allowed. But in those where it is they permit the workerscompensation to recoverexpenditures made toward the inured workers medical care and lost wages. If you have any concerns of questions then we advise you to contact a Queens workers compensation lawyer to see if this is the case with your personal claims as well. Remember, workerscompensation was created to make it easier for you to survive if you every get hurt at work.

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