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The Social Security Administration (SSA) periodically reviews the case of every person who is receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits. This process is called a “continuing disability review” (CDR) and is intended to identify beneficiaries who may no longer qualify as disabled. If, during a CDR, the SSA finds that your medical condition has improved enough so that you can work, your Social Security benefits will end. Since the Social Security laws are complicated and constantly changing, it is a good idea to consult a Bronx Social Security Disability attorney, a Queens Social Security Disability attorney, a New York Social Security Disability attorney, Staten Island Social Security Disability attorney or a Brooklyn Social Security Disability attorney, or if on Long Island, a Long Island Social Security Disability attorney. If you speak Polish, we have a Polish Social Security Disability attorney. If you speak Spanish, we have a Spanish Social Security Disability attorney. If you speak Russian, we have a Russian speaking Social Security Disability attorney.
Frequency of Continuing Disability Reviews
How often your medical condition is reviewed depends on how severe it is and the likelihood it will improve. Your award notice tells you when you can expect your first review.
  • Medical improvement expected – if your condition is expected to improve within a specific time, your first review will be six to18 months after you started getting disability benefits.
  • Improvement possible – if improvement in your medical condition is possible, your case will be reviewed about every three years.
  • Improvement not expected – if your medical condition is unlikely to improve, your case will be reviewed only about once every five to seven years. This is most common if you are over 55.
SSA has a large backlog of cases it needs to review, so a CDR might be delayed. Harris Ugalde & Rzonca, LLP can help with your Social Security Disability claim.
Continuing Disability Review Process
If your case is up for review, SSA will send you a notice by mail as well as a Short or Long form requesting updated information on your condition, medical treatment and any work that you may have done. It is important to respond on time to SSA’s requests for information. If you do not cooperate, your benefits could stop.
The best way to prepare for a continuing disability review is to continue to see your doctors, mental health professionals, continue to take any medication, physical therapy, cognitive therapy, or other treatments they prescribe. Ideally, you should keep a log book of all treatments and therapies you have undergone. In most cases, the decision will be based on the information from your doctors. But, if the medical evidence is not complete or current, you will be sent to a “consultative examination” which is an examination by a doctor that is paid for by the SSA.
What should I do if I get a notice ending my benefits after a CDR?
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If the SSA comes to the conclusion that your condition has improved to the point where you can return to work, you will be notified that your benefit payments will stop. You will be given the chance to appeal the decision and request that your claim be re-heard in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). You can also ask that your benefits be continued until your hearing. However, if the ALJ agrees with the CDR, you will have to repay these benefits. If you have additional questions about whether or not you are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits you should consult a Bronx Social Security Disability lawyer, a Queens Social Security Disability lawyer, a New York Social Security.

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