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Common Injuries That Occur At A Workplace

There have been a lot of surveys regarding injuries that take place at workplaces. The statistics collected from these surveys show that there are an innumerable amount of injuries that a person can suffer at a workplace. Some may be due to lack of adequate safety provisions by the employer. Many others are due to the type of work done, or the way in which a particular task is accomplished. People may sometimes be unaware or may often ignore a nagging pain which may be due to the regular tasks he may be performing at work.

Industries like Construction, Manufacturing, and Hospitals are more liable for workplace injuries. The employees have a lot of physical activities in their job descriptions. These activities more often than not may lead to injuries. Although there may be safety precautions, some of the injuries may well occur due to the sheer strenuous effort required to do a task.

Types of Injuries

The Most Common Workplace Injuries Include:

· Sprains and strains of muscles. For example, an injury due to wheeling out or lifting an overweight immobile patient at a hospital.

· Knee injuries. For example, an injury due to doing heavy lifting or work like plumbing may have to frequently kneel down leading to constant wear and tear of the knees.

· Fractures or bruises and soreness. For example, an injury due to handling heavy equipment and machinery.

· Illnesses especially for hospital workers. For example, an injury due to constant contact with affected patients.

· Burns and shock. For example, an injury due to the use of electric equipment.

· Neck or back injuries. For example, an injury due to constantly being in one position for long amount of time without being able to move around much.


There are a lot of ways a person can get injured at a workplace. At construction sites, there can be mishaps when lifting heavy tools or materials. Something as simple as not wearing a helmet can lead to damaging skull injuries. The workers may also suffer a fall from a great height. There is also a chance of getting electrocuted at a construction site. Using electric tools and equipment can lead to electric shocks or even visual impairment.

Even at manufacturing units, something as simple as a repetitive motion can lead to a strain in a muscle. An employee’s muscles and soft tissues may also suffer a tear. Such an injury, if overlooked, can lead to more serious repercussions. If an employee is in contact with hazardous materials, it may also be a cause for a serious impairment.

At hospitals, an employee can be exposed to a variety of tasks. Being in constant contact with needles and harmful viruses can lead to illnesses. A medical employee may also at times be required to move heavy equipment or machines around which can lead to sores or bruises. If an employee gets pricked due to injection needle there can be a chance of contracting an infection. Sometimes patients or relatives of patients may also get violent and attack a hospital employee. Such an attack can lead to physical as well as mental trauma. Some medical employees may also require psychiatric treatment due to the constant exposure to a mentally strenuous environment.

Averting Workplace Injuries

First and foremost employees should make sure that all safety norms are followed at their workplace. There should be helmets and safety shoes, visual safety for using tools harness for people working at heights and other similar gear. Employees should make it a point to adhere to

all the safety measures expected of them. One careless act can result in a fatal injury for a lifetime.

Employees should also be careful while moving around their workplace and follow the safety training they have received. Employees should look out for slippery material or something that their feet may get entangled in. If a job involves sitting or standing in place for an extended amount of time, an employee should move around and stretch during breaks.

Employees should not exert themselves beyond their limits. Regular overexertion is the primary cause of most workplace injuries. An employee should never be intoxicated in the workplace. This can be very fatal and there may be no compensation provided in this case.


Most of the time employees are provided workers compensation. To get the benefit, there must be enough proof that the injury occurred at the workplace. There should be enough medical records and fellow employees who may have witnessed the occurrence to provide proof. The important thing is to provide adequate proof especially in cases of strain injuries. These injuries occur due to continuous strain over a period of time. For such injuries, you need to show your daily activities that cause them. For such injuries, the medical costs incurred in the past and also the present and future ones may be compensated.

In general, medical bills incurred for injuries occurring due to work are compensated. At times there may also be absence from work due to treatments or prolonged hospitalization. Injuries such as kneecap fractures may result in prolonged hospitalizations.

For example, a kneecap replacement surgery requires a long period of rest and it may take a long time for a person to return to work. Employees who are required to do a lot of physical activities may take even longer to return to their regular daily work. Such a loss of pay due to absence at work may also get compensated. It is always recommended to employees, to make sure the employer is aware of any injuries caused at their workplace as soon as the injury occurs.

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