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Case Summary SSD
The client came into our office after having applied for Social Security Benefits on his own and being denied his benefits. We took on this hearing after the client had requested a hearing and had to adjourn the same because of lack of representation. The client had worked as housekeeper in a hospital for five years and suffered from stress, anger management, high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes type two and back problems. Our office was diligent in contacting all of the clients treating physicians and gathering all the medical evidence needed for the Judge to grant his benefits.At the hearing in front of the Administrative Law Judge, the medical expert analyzed the medical evidence and decided that due to his conditions he met a listing which enabled the Judge to grant a fully favorable decision for Social Security Disability Benefits in favor of our client. This decision was issued on November 1, 2013 and was extremely beneficial to our client’s health, mood, family and financial circumstances.
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